One woman’s garden is a man’s weeds in ‘Native Gardens,’ directed by Jason Alexander and opening at Pasadena Playhouse

That trusty old maxim about good fences making good neighbors leaps to mind — along with a host of recent political headlines — while talking with playwright Karen Zacarías about her comedy “Native Gardens,” opening at Pasadena Playhouse next week.

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With Fire, Joe Schmoe Owns the Stage

"Sometimes a piece of art enters your life at the exact right moment. The experience brings your life and your place in the world into focus. Brett Ryback’s musical Joe Schmoe Saves the World is just such a piece. The mirror it holds up to modern American culture reflects back an all too real image that is at once critical and hopeful. With relatable characters, hard-hitting imagery, and a soundtrack I’ve been listening to on repeat for almost a week now, Joe Schmoe Saves the World transforms and inspires."

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REVIEWS: "The Motherf**ker with the Hat" by Stephen Adly Guirgis

"This homegrown production boasts superb acting, keen pacing, effective design and even credible fight scenes... Christian Barillas maintains a splendid balance in the scene-stealing part of Jackie’s superficially effeminate cousin Julio, burrowing into elements of caricature while keeping the portrayal unflaggingly human."

- The Hollywood Reporter

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REVIEWS: "Lydia" by Octavio Solis

"An astonishing, expertly crafted tragedy that seduces and repels... It tempts you with its pulsing rhythms and evocative language until it has you fully under its spell... [the] immigrant epic is very much the Latino cousin of 'Death of a Salesman,'... only this daring world premiere doesn't just serve up one Willy Loman. It serves up seven... brought to sad, vibrant life by a profoundly capable ensemble."

- Denver Post

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