REVIEWS: Native Gardens @ Pasadena Playhouse

“ [a] sweet confection… in a bouncy production directed by “Seinfeld” legend Jason Alexander… a quartet of acting pros volleying lines with athletic finesse and adding comic topspin to every double-take and slow-burn.” - LA Times

“Christian Barillas is adorably frazzled and enormously appealing… a comic delight, believable as a hotshot lawyer who loses his cool, overcome by his own idiosyncratic sense of panic.” - Stage and Cinema

“Audiences can expect to be rolling in the aisles… Barillas gives us the most deliciously put-upon Latino spouse since Ricky Ricardo.” - Stage Scene LA

“Superbly acted… Christian Barillas, as Pablo, embodies the intensity of the young legal mind and the fighting spirit of the up-and-coming immigrant with a genuine sense of impetuous thrill at what he is achieving.” - Pasadena Star News