REVIEWS: "Sonia Flew" by Melinda Lopez

"A singularly powerful response to this cultural moment... delicately nuanced, emotionally true rendering given by director Juliette Carrillo and a committed cast... palpably, achingly resonant." 

- The Los Angeles Times

"An ambitious work... relevant... the audience is hooked... Christian Barillas is outstanding as Zak."

- Backstage West

"Two hours of excellence... a talented cast.. rather than interpret their roles, they do the more difficult work of inhabiting them... seems lifted from real life, where profound truths exist side-by-side with petty arguments, trivial annoyances and flashes of humor-- all of it boiling down to scared ways of saying 'I love you.'"

- OC Weekly

"Undeniably moving... Christian Barillas sinks his teeth into the rambunctious character of Zak... we feel as if we're eavesdropping on a domestic scene."

- OC Register

"Deeply moving... powerful... captivating... Christian Barillas as son Zak is a convincingly confused yet determined young would-be American patriot."

- Event News