REVIEWS: "Yerma" @ Huntington Theatre Company

“An absorbing dreamscape with a lyrical adaptation and translation of Federico García Lorca’s 1934 Yerma… [as] her husband Juan, an expressive Christian Barillas… it approaches the incantatory cadences — and the life-or-death stakes — we associate with Greek tragedy. ”
- Boston Globe

“A beautifully rendered elegy about life and longing… visually stunning.”

”It's a work to be reckoned with… beautifully directed by Melia Bensussen… remarkable acting all around!”
- South Shore Critic

”An unsettling tale of obsession… tragedy of the first order… performances across the board are first rate… Barillas brings a ferocious intensity to his performance as Juan, particularly as his failure to control his wife becomes more evident and his jealousy intensifies.”
- Theater Mirror

Yerma is a tragic tale […] told with lyrical language, infused with beautiful flamenco-inspired music… Barillas is raw with emotion, finally showing that Juan has also been torn apart by their failure to make a family and his inability to make Yerma happy... She and Barillas have great chemistry, whether in bed or in battle.”
- Broadway World