REVIEWS: "Peter and the Starcatcher" @ South Coast Rep

"Director Art Manke gives the lively production a distinctive spin, exploiting and having fun with the play’s metatheatrical mode... [A] versatile cast shows its stuff [in] this delightful new show."

- OC Register

"South Coast Repertory's brand new production is, hands down, one of the most enjoyable, most thrilling, and most engagingly imaginative... the play's hyperactive mixture of mirth and mayhem is re-calibrated by further emphasizing its seemingly 'bare-bones' storytelling devices, resulting in one entertaining night of theater... [a] stellar, harmonious ensemble."

- Broadway World

"What adds to the text is Art Manke's exuberant and expert direction in keeping the staging to the minimal and letting the actors utilize their fullest talents in creating the story, allowing the audience's imagination to fill in the blanks, which is the whole basis of what Peter was all about."

- LA Splash Magazine

"A rousing, rambunctious rendition... ostensibly attempting to surpass Monty Python."

- Huntington Beach Independent

"A 'crowd-pleaser' in a nutshell... packed out: seats jammed full of high school seniors, senior citizens and theatergoers of every age in between... an adorable little girl best summed up the audience’s reaction: 'I feel so good,' she chirped, skipping out into the lobby in her sparkly dress."

- Locale Magazine

"Guaranteed to keep audiences enthralled from fanciful start to magical finish... astonishing, dazzling, exhilarating, fantastical, joyous, and miraculous … and more."

- Stage Scene LA