In the years following acting school, I succeeded in getting work at major regional theaters, yet often found myself floundering when it came to auditions for film and television.  Despite having a Master's Degree, preparing for a 5-line co-star or a 2-scene guest star seemed totally unfamiliar.  The tools I learned in the classroom were critical, but they weren't enough.

Making the transition from plays to film and TV scripts was tougher than I thought: scenes did not jump off the page in the same way, I didn’t know how to use the stage directions, and what do I do about the camera?  The tight turn-around between hearing from my agent and the next day’s appointment also left me without a rehearsal process and feeling ill-prepared.

It was overwhelming.


The goal of this 5-week workshop is to bridge the gap between traditional scene study and the application of those tools in real world Los Angeles auditions.  Through the course of 5 sessions, we will tackle the obstacles mentioned above - plus many others - and I will show you how to overcome them.  I will teach you how to audition by using the tools and skills of an actor.  You will walk away with a practical process you can trust.  You will learn simple audition techniques that will allow you to do your best work.  You will know how to prepare and walk into a room confidently and with focus.

Most importantly, you will learn all this from a fellow actor who shares your exact experience, someone who is right in the trenches with you, but perhaps with a little more wisdom.  If you are exhausted by casting director workshops or uninspired by non-actors teaching you how to act, I encourage you to give this workshop a shot. Personally, my biggest lessons have always come from other actors.  My wish is that I can do that for YOU. 

Because I've been there, I value all the time, money and energy you've spent getting trained, but I also understand, first hand, that at the end of the day, we all want to get a job.  That becomes especially tough when auditioning and acting often feel like completely separate processes. This workshop will marry the two so you can book the job and then truly go to work.