• Everyone will get an opportunity to get up and work during each session.

  • Expect homework and plan your life accordingly to get the most out of the workshop.  As in life, you will be memorizing lines, preparing material and dealing with time management.

  • Television material will be provided for you.  Sides will sometimes be handed out in class, and other times scenes will be emailed to you the night before, simulating real world auditions.  Students will be assigned their own individual material, but work, discussions, and learning will happen as a group.

  • Because this is an audition technique class focused on preparation and process, a camera will be used only as a reference.  Students will NOT be taped.  Being aware of the camera is important, but even more important is learning to ignore it.  We will address this in session one.

  • For many people, including myself, auditioning often presents tough emotional and psychological challenges, so it is my intention to create a space that is constructive, positive and open.

  • As all actors know, everyone has an opinion: about your headshots, the way your voice sounds, how you look, what you should do.  Everyone has an opinion.  But, remember... that's ALL it is.  An opinion.  I ask that you come ready to learn, keeping an open mind, willing to play and try things out, even if they seem unfamiliar.  Remember, you can always take what is useful and discard whatever is not.